Greendale Riverside Cabins

GREENDALE circa 1887

ioneer Francis Jacob Green came to Vancouver Island in 1885 from County Antrim in Ireland.

In 1887 Frank purchased 164 acres of land along the Cowichan River in the remote area of Lake Cowichan. The Green family found that pioneer life was exciting but very challenging as there was a lack of money for things that were needed to raise a family and make the farm work. So the decision was made in the early 1900’s by Frank’s wife Louisa (Spencer) to build cabins on Greendale and offer overnight stays on their Cowichan River property.

This endeavour proved to be very successful with mainly avid trout fishermen visiting during the spring and fall and families visiting during the summer months to enjoy relaxing days along the river.



In those long ago days, guests would have arrived by train to Duncan, where Frank Green would meet them with his four wheel Democrat wagon and drive the 4 hour trip back up to Lake Cowichan where Louisa would “Welcome” her guests to Greendale. This was the start of many years of guests coming and going from Greendale.

Today Greendale comprises of 8 acres, and after 127 years of living on Greendale, the Green family has continued renting cabins out to guests from near and far.

The charming cabins have some of the original furnishings and artifacts on display that were part of the daily life on Greendale.

The moment you are on Greendale you feel at home. The cabins are nestled around huge Cedar and Maple trees that are over a 100 years old, while carpets of wild flowers in the spring months cover the large open lawn spaces.

The sound and sight of the emerald green waters of the Cowichan River call out to you “COME REST BESIDE ME

Enjoy a stay at Greendale and become part of the history.