The Cowichan Valleys Oldest Barn

Believed to be the oldest standing building still in use in the Cowichan lake area, the barn was built by frank Green circa 1889.

Frank took up land in 1887 and received title of horses and 5 or 6 cows as well as space for the “Democrat”, the horse-drawn cart he used as for transporting goods and passengers between lake cowichan and Duncan. (It is now in the possession of the Kaatza Station Museum)

No doubt, Frank was assisted in the construction of his barn by a cousin  and his two brothers who had built and were operating the first Riverside Inn. The lumber and shakes were all hand-hewn. Over the years roof has been re-shaked by Frank’s son, Trevor, and more recently by his grandson, Tony, who has also carried out some necessary reinforcing.

Both Trevor and Tony made the shakes the old way by splitting them off a cedar shake block with the old free and maul method. The wall boards would have been produced similarly using much longer blocks.